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  1. LED UV Curing Lamp-120v

    Regular Price: $199.95

    Special Price $99.95

    Glass Mechanix has worked hard to bring its customers a guaranteed less than 20 second cure time with the brand new Daytona LED cure lamp. Learn More
  2. Daytona RapidSet Bridge Assembly

    The Glass Mechanix Daytona RapidSet bridge maintains the vacuum technology of the flagship Daytona Bridge assembly, with a flip cup option and smaller base plate perfect for beginners and mobile technicians The Daytona Injector Assembly is the only true independent, dual-cycle vacuum pressure system in the industry. This process ensures maximum vacuum pressure (o Learn More
  3. Daytona RapidSet Suction Cup

    The Daytona RapidSet Suction Cup is a 3" diameter levered suction cup. It is compatible with both the Daytona Mounting Plate (GM644) manufactured after May 2013 and the Daytona RapidSet Mounting Plate (GM). The levered style suction cup allows for rapid placement of the bridge on a windshield with no pumping or pressing action. Learn More
  4. Daytona RapidSet Mounting Plate

    The simpler Daytona RapidSet Mounting Plate provides a simpler, more cost-effective bridge design without sacrificing repair quality. Compatible with the industry-leading Daytona injector, the RapidSet mounting plate utilizes a two-point mounting system to ensure stability and ease of placement over the damaged area. Learn More
  5. Daytona Seal Starter Pack

    GM694 3 each of the Daytona Upper Seal, Daytona Lower Seal, and Daytona Universal Base Seal Learn More
  6. Daytona Mounting Plate

    The Daytona mounting plate has the same features as the full mounting plate assembly, but is sold without the leveling screws. Learn More
  7. Daytona Mounting Plate Assembly

    The Daytona mounting plate assebly is the most versitile and accurate mounting system in the repair industry. It features a center mount with 360-degree swivel access. Learn More
  8. Daytona Injector Brush Cleaner

    The Daytona Injector brush cleaner has been selected specifically to clean all Glass Mechanix injector assemblies. Learn More
  9. Universal Lubricant, 45ml

    The special formula Glass Mechanix universal lubricant is recommended in light applications for preparing Glass Mechanix seals to slide easily inside the injector body. It is also extremely useful in many other applications, such as a prep for suction cup Learn More
  10. Rally Piston Seals, Qty 10

    Glass Mechanix uses only the best materials ideal for creating optimal vacuum inside the Rally injector chamber. The Universal Rally Piston Seal will also fit the Crack Mender System. Learn More

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