Windshield Repair Profit Potential


While your income as a glass repair professional will vary, we have taken our years of experience with customers just like you to come up with a reasonable formula.

$50 = Average charge for one repair
$1 = Average supply cost for one repair
10 = Average repairs per business day after 3 months in business
260 = Average work days per year

($50 - $1) = $49 profit
($49 x 10 repairs per day) = $490
($490 x 260 work days) = $127,400 annual income

Types of businesses in need of windshield repair services...

Florists & Garden Centers
Taxi Companies
Mining Companies
Telephone Companies
Leasing Companies
Body Shops
Ice Cream Trucks
Office Supply Wholesale Delivery
Plumbing Companies
Dry Cleaners
Zoos & Tourism Operations
Highway Patrol
Route Drivers (Food & Supplies)
Grocery Store Chains
City Government Vehicles Fleets
State Vehicles
Furniture Movers
Livestock Hauling Companies
Schools (Public & Private)
Television Stations
Car Dealers
Bus Companies
Insurance Companies
Utility Companies (Gas, Water, Electric)
Trucking Companies
Police Departments
Railroad Operations
Car & Truck Rental Firms
Forestry & Park Service
Trash Collection Services
Fire Departments
Delivery Services
Gravel Hauling Companies
Hospitals & Medical Centers
Construction Companies
Post Office
Sheriff’s Department
Oil Companies
Laundry & Diaper Services
Newspaper Companies
Salvage Yards
Sales Fleets
Dairies & Farms