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Be your own boss! Have a windshield repair business of your own!

The windshield repair industry grosses over one billion dollars yearly! As windshield and plate glass replacement prices rise and inflation continues, more and more fleets and individuals are turning to windshield repair over replacement. The business potential in windshield repair is unlimited. Typical clients of windshield repair are fleets, insurance companies, car lots, car rental companies, and virtually any industry owning automotive or plate glass.

The profits in windshield repair are very high. The average windshield repair retails for $50.00. The cost to the technician for the repair is about 50 cents.

Glass Mechanix welcomes your inquiry into this exciting and lucrative industry of windshield repair. If you are like most people who contact The Glass Mechanix for information, you are trying to make a very important, life-changing decision for you and your family. You are trying to improve your future with a career choice. You may be looking for a full-time career or something to do on a part-time basis.

The best news? We can get you on your way equipped with all the knowledge you need to run a successful business through our training program.

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